Oral Consultation Expectations

oral consultation gainesvilleThe first step toward getting a minor or major surgery is scheduling an oral consultation in Gainesville. If you think you are in need of a dental treatment or surgery such as a root canal, dental implant, wisdom tooth removal, or reconstructive jaw surgery, getting in touch with a cosmetic or oral surgeon is the best way to start the process. Below are the things you can expect from an oral consultation with a dentist or dental surgeon.

What Happens During an Oral Consultation?

Review of Medical History

Before any treatment or surgery starts, your dentist will first conduct an initial review of your medical record, as well as ask you questions about your overall health. Through this initial review, dental professionals will be able to carefully plan out your treatment and avoid any complications or potential risks that may be caused by your health condition.

An extensive review of medical records includes the assessment of pieces of information about your adverse reactions to anesthesia, drug allergies, past surgeries, and other health problems. Your dentist will also ask you about any over-the-counter medications or prescriptions you’re taking.

During your oral consultation, your dentist will also ask you about past dental problems you’ve encountered. Knowing the previous treatments you have undergone will help them determine the status of your dental condition.

Communication is a two-way street, and just as it’s up to your dentist to ensure that you have all the information they need, it is vital that you take an active role in sharing information, especially when it comes to your concerns. A good and reliable dentist will do everything feasible to make your experience as stress-free as possible, and your willingness to share concerns is essential.

Tests and Examinations

Once your dentist has examined your medical records, they will visually examine your jaw, teeth, gums, and mouth to check if there are visible signs of dental problems. Since most of these problems cannot be seen through a mere visual examination, your dentist will recommend that you take imaging tests, including CT Scans and X-rays, to get a clearer view of your dental conditions.

The scans and tests will show a three-dimensional image of your soft tissues, teeth, and bones. These will aid your dentist in planning for your treatment or surgery. There are also instances when your dentist will require a detailed cast of your jaw and mouth. You will be asked to bite down on a soft substance to take the alignment and structure of your mouth.

Providing Information

As stated earlier, communication is a two-street; hence, your dentist will not only require you to talk about your dental and medical history, but they will also explain the different oral surgery treatments applicable to your condition.

Likewise, they will often allow you to choose the type of sedative and anesthesia you want. The majority of patients prefer those types where they are unaware of the entire process to make sure they won’t feel any pain.

A good dentist or oral surgeon will always discuss the pros and cons of the treatment, including the type of anesthesia to be used. They will also discuss if there are any complications or risks that may result because of the surgery.

Tips Will Be Discussed

Aside from the pros and cons of the treatment, your dentist or oral surgeon will likewise give you tips on how to handle oral surgery before, during, and after. A lot of patients become nervous the moment they see dental tools in the clinic, but everything will be done to make you as comfortable as possible.

More so, if the anesthesia or sedative you’re about to be administered with will take long before it subsides, you will be asked to bring a designated driver with you.

You will also be provided with a list of post-operative instructions to follow. These instructions may include:

  • What you need to avoid
  • What medications to take
  • When you can resume your normal activities
  • How long will the recovery take
  • What foods to eat

Get an Oral Consultation in Gainesville

This article is only a quick summary of what to expect on your first oral consultation. Oral consultations are highly important and can affect the outcome of your treatments. At Texas Oral Surgery Group, we pride ourselves on delivering optimal dental treatments to our patients.

From your first call and consultation with Drs. Stewart and Michael through the entire treatment process, our team is dedicated to giving you exceptional patient care. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ll always be glad to cater your dental needs!

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