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Dental Implant Alternatives 

December 8, 2021

healthy set of teeth not only aids in general health but also allows you to flaunt a beautiful grin. Chewing and speaking become considerably more difficult with missing teeth. But many people look for alternatives to dental implants in Denton due to the expensive cost. 

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 92% aged 20 to 64 have dental decay. Similarly, the number of people who have missing teeth is also relatively high.  

Fortunately, today's dentistry breakthroughs have provided several options and other alternatives for dental implants in Denton. 

illustration of Dental Implants in Denton 

What are Dental Implants? 

A dental implant is a surgical technique that involves the implantation and fusion of a replacement tooth root into the jawbone. 

While dental implants are an excellent option for replacing a single tooth, they may not be ideal for replacing multiple teeth. On the other hand, dental implants have the appearance and feel of natural teeth and can endure for years, if not decades, without the need for maintenance or replacement. 

On the other hand, dental implants aren't for everyone because they involve surgery and are often more expensive than bridges or dentures. Below are some options for dental implant alternatives. 

Dental Implant Alternatives 

Fixed Bridges 

Simply said, a permanent bridge fills the space left by one or more missing teeth. 

Because the procedure of inserting the implant, personalizing the bridge, and installing the bridge in the lost teeth site takes time, implementing a fixed bridge typically requires numerous visits to the dentist. 

On the other hand, a fixed dental bridge looks, feels, and operates like natural teeth once it is in place, does not need to be removed for cleaning, and is often significantly less expensive than a dental tooth implant. 

Bridges with Resin Retention 

In comparison to a permanent bridge, a resin-retained bridge is frequently far less intrusive. 

While a fixed bridge is better for teeth used for chewing, a resin-retained bridge might be a viable option for lost front teeth that aren't subjected to as much force. 

On either side, a resin-retained bridge is attached to the surrounding teeth. Although they are less durable than a permanent bridge, they are also significantly less costly. 

Removable Partial Dentures 

A removable partial denture replaces a tiny area of missing teeth and looks and functions like natural teeth. 

While a removable partial denture is suitable for chewing and looks, it is not as lasting as a dental implant or bridge, and it can be painful if worn for long periods. 

However, they are usually the most affordable tooth replacement option and are simple to fix if any damage happens. 

Removable Complete Dentures 

Depending on how many teeth you presently have, removable complete dentures can be somewhat intrusive and need numerous visits to the dentist. 

Unlike a removable partial denture, which merely replaces a segment of lost teeth, a complete removable denture replaces the majority, if not all, of the teeth. 

A fully removable denture is attractive and useful, but it can be painful and should not be worn all day.

alternatives to Dental Implants in Denton 

Looking To Find Alternatives To Dental Implants In Denton? 

If you're searching for a solution to replace lost teeth, talk to your dentist first before making a choice, especially when you consider having dental implants in Denton.  

Although all five alternatives provided are safe and effective for replacing lost teeth, speaking with a professional is the only way to assure you receive the treatment you require. 

Head over to the Texas Oral Surgery Group. We have specialists who can help you weigh your options and provide you with sound advice on the next step to protect your smile. Call us today

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