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How to Get Your Children Ready for a Tooth Extraction

November 2, 2022

To the inventive mind of a child, tooth extractions in 76210 sound like spine-chilling monsters that want to make their mouth hurt and bleed. However, dentists have mastered this procedure, turning it into a slightly uncomfortable but tolerable process for patients of any age.

Dental professionals only extract kids' natural teeth in a handful of circumstances, like overcrowding, severe tooth decay, fractures, and preparation for braces. Still, to avoid dental anxiety, help your children get ready by being honest, timing the visit correctly, offering toys and rewards, and reminding them to clean their mouths.

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When Do Children Need to Get Their Teeth Extracted?

Dental Crowding

Also known as overcrowding, this mouth condition refers to when there's no room for your kid's permanent teeth to erupt in an aligned position. Dental crowding can occur if you have a small jaw or if your teeth are too large for your mouth, making your pearly whites overlap and rotate. To prevent your child's teeth from shifting their position further, your dentist may consider tooth extraction as a viable option.

Severe Tooth Decay

Aside from misaligned teeth, children are also at an age where they can suffer from severe tooth decay. Kids try every sweet and savory treat they can get their hands on, exposing their mouths to all kinds of abrasive substances that can damage the enamel of their teeth. If your kid does not brush their teeth properly, plaque and tartar accumulate in their mouth, producing cavities that may leave your dentist with no choice but to perform a tooth extraction.


Kids aren’t strangers to cracked teeth, either. From chewing hard candy to getting hit during cheerful playing sessions with friends, children put their teeth at risk of suffering trauma every day. When a child splits a tooth, the crack goes from the tooth’s surface to the tissue below the gum, making it almost impossible for a dentist to save it.

Preparation For Braces

Even when you teach your children how to take good care of their smiles, they may still not be ready to undergo orthodontic procedures, such as braces. The number of teeth your child has may impede their mouth and jaw from shifting towards the new position, forcing the dentist to take some out before placing the brackets. Dental professionals must also ensure that there are no severe oral problems, like gum disease or tooth decay, before giving your kid braces.

How Should You Help Your Kids Before a Tooth Extraction?

Be Honest

Your child will likely not be afraid of something they know and understand. Ask your dental professional to explain how tooth extractions work and choose easy words to relay this information to your children. Visual aids and videos are trustworthy allies in these situations, so you can also select some from reliable sources.

Choose a Good Time of The Day

After talking to your children, schedule the tooth extraction appointment during a time of day when they are not grumpy or tired. Dentists usually recommend mornings, as your kids will likely be full from breakfast and well-rested. Avoid taking your child to the office when they have other plans like sports practice or birthday parties, as they associate dentists with situations that interrupt their fun.

Bring Toys

Another standard recommendation is to give your child a toy they love to make the dentist's office more familiar, helping them feel more at ease. Avoid any comfort objects your kid can put inside their mouth, as this may affect the dental procedure.

Offer Them Rewards

When it comes to children, positive reinforcement works like a charm. Taking your child to the cinema or park after they’ve healed from the tooth extraction surgery will give them a reason to endure the discomfort and help them understand that dentist appointments are beneficial.  

Don’t promise your kids that they’ll eat something hard or overly sweet once the procedure is over, like ice cream or candy, since this could increase the pain and chances of infection.

Help Them Clean Their Teeth

As a final piece of advice, dental professionals tell little ones to clean their teeth properly before surgery. Reminding your children to brush for at least two minutes and flossing afterward will take care of any food remains and potentially harmful bacteria before the appointment.

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Do Your Kids Need Tooth Extractions in 76210?

Tooth extractions can be a comfortable experience for a child if they are informed, in a good mood, and clean. Dental professionals at Texas Oral Surgery Group offer top-quality tooth extractions to fix your kid's smile. Book an appointment today!

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