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In oral surgery, as in every medical specialty, quality data is the key to an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Patients today have the benefit of being treated using some of the most revolutionary imaging technologies we’ve ever had, like the CBCT scanner.

What is CBCT Scan Imaging?

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography and is a revolutionary variation of traditional CT scans. This is a more focused image and emits only a fraction of the radiation than that of a traditional CT scan.  This system uses a rotating scanner and a cone-shaped X-Ray beam to take hundreds of images to create three-dimensional models of the jaws, face, and teeth.

Digital Imaging in general has provided us with a method of obtaining very high-quality images with a very minimal amount of radiation!

Choosing an oral surgeon in Plano, TX that uses advanced dental technology.

Why is CBCT Imaging Used in Oral Surgery?

CBCT scanners offer several advantages that have made them a staple in technologically advanced oral surgical practices. Not only does the system generate high-accurate 3-D images of hard-to-reach areas, but all the information is instantly transferred to a computer system. This allows oral surgeons to examine the data in real-time and perform virtual “planning” surgeries using software that can virtually eliminate any guesswork!

What are the Benefits of CBCT Imaging?

  • More accurate than traditional imaging
  • Highly detailed and unintrusive
  • Significantly Decreased exposure to radiation
  • Preoperative planning for more accuracy/precision

Looking for Oral Surgery with CBCT Imaging Near Plano, Denton, Decatur, or Gainesville TX?

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