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We at Texas Oral Surgery Group pride ourselves on providing our patients the most advanced technology available to improve treatment outcomes. The quality of dental care often hinges on the diagnostic limitations of the technology we use.  That is why we have implemented the intraoral scanner into our diagnostic and treatment protocols. The intra-oral scanner has been utilized and applied in the various fields of dentistry, for fabrication of restorations, for diagnosis, for customization of dental splints and night guards to surgery, and orthodontics.

What is an Intraoral Scanner?

An intraoral scanner is a diagnostic device used to examine every aspect of the oral cavity. These scanners are highly accurate handheld digital cameras that take thousands of images of your mouth and link them together in the computer to make a detailed record of your mouth. These scanners easily fit in the mouth and observe even the hardest to reach places while providing real-time, high-resolution images to both the patient and doctor. Essentially, the scanner is an optical impression making device.

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Why are Intraoral Scanners a Superior Choice?

Modern oral scanners capture high-resolution images that are projected onto a monitor, making it easy to see every aspect of the mouth. These scanners are not just more comfortable than mirrors; they also transfer data into a computer for easier diagnosis and future reference.

What are the Benefits of Intraoral Scanners?

Enhanced patient comfort- Unlike the old impression molding technique, which could be messy and required the patient to sit with rubber-like material in the mouth for about ten minutes, an intra oral scan takes less than 5 minutes. Many patients gagged and some choked on the impression material, leading to great discomfort.  The intraoral scan has proved to be quite comfortable as there less in the patient’s mouth.

Improved diagnosis- The intraoral scanner uses the most advanced 3-D video technologies to capture the exact shape and contours of the teeth. This enables us to to have the correct picture and dimensions of the patient’s dental structures thereby giving accurate and appropriate treatment.

Real-time imaging- The intraoral scan is available immediate and is capable of being viewed at chairside, enhancing patient education. This increase in clarity and communication at appointments means patients are more likely to understand and collaborate on their treatment plans.

Safe- there is no radiation emitted by the intraoral scanner!

Improves Communication with Patient and the Digital Dental Lab- with an intraoral scan you can share the scan immediately with a lab and receive timely feedback on pending treatment.

Digital archives- Gone are the days of search through filing cabinets and paper charts for old x-ray images of your mouth and jaw. Another great benefit of intraoral scanners is that we can store all of your impressions in digital archives— making it easier for us to access them at every appointment. This is a much more environmentally friendly option!

Want to Learn More About Intraoral Scanners Near Plano, Texas?

At Texas Oral Surgery Group, we use the most advanced technology to bring our patient’s unparalleled oral surgery care. If you want to learn more or schedule your first appointment, call us today!

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