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What is Guided Oral Surgery?

Guided surgery involves using advanced imaging and scanning technology to observe a treatment area and improve the accuracy and/or precision of a procedure. It is most often utilized in implant placement procedures where there is limited bone volume thus requiring a very high level of accuracy.

How Does Guided Surgery Work?

There are several technologies we can use to guide procedures.  For example with dental implants, there can be a pre-fabricated “stent” that is used as a guide for placement.  There can also be an advanced imaging file created that can be utilized as a guide during the actual live surgery!

Finding a skilled oral surgeon in Gainesville, TX.

The process generally begins with a general exam and advanced imaging scan of the oral cavity and region of the mouth in which the procedure will focus. Software is then utilized to “virtually plan” the surgery.  Once the planning is completed, the imaging files and pre-planned surgery are then matched to the patient’s anatomy, and advanced mapping technology can be used to guide the placement of the implant.

Along with Implant placement, other surgeries such as Corrective Jaw Surgery and Sinus Lift Augmentation often benefit from a Guided Surgery approach.

Could You Possibly Benefit from Guided Oral Surgery Near Plano, Denton, Decatur, or Gainesville TX?

Even minor surgery is a sensitive proposition that calls for highly skilled specialists. Our team at Texas Oral Surgery Group is equipped with expertly trained surgeons, assistants, and cutting-edge technology to make your next surgery a success. Get in touch today to learn more!

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