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Getting Ready: Five Things You Should Do Before Dental Implant Surgery

October 13, 2022

Dental implants in 76210 are a life-saver for people with unhealthy or insecurity-inducing smiles. They are a part of the mouth of 3 million Americans and the procedure of choice for dentists looking to fix tooth loss or trauma.  

As safe and game-changing as this procedure may be, it also takes a toll on the body that patients must prepare to endure. Dentists recommend five things you need to do before your dental implant surgery that will make you breeze through the procedure and aftermath.  

3D illustration of dental implants in 76210

What Are Dental Implants?  

Dental implants are single prostheses made of titanium and porcelain that dentists use to cover gaps in your mouth. Trauma and severe tooth decay can make it impossible to save your natural teeth, making them fall and forcing dentists to replace them by screwing implants to the bones in your jawline.  

Dental implants are a durable alternative to natural teeth while blending in seamlessly and providing stability to their pearly neighbors. Before deeming implants a suitable option to fix your smile, dentists must perform an examination and ask you about your lifestyle and dental history.  

How Can You Best Prepare Yourself Before the Procedure?  

  1. Get Your Schedule Surgery-ready  

Like any other successful medical procedure, dental implants may leave you tired and in pain once you get home, and the numbing effects of sedation wear off. Not resting after the surgery may cause tissue swelling and bleeding, signaling a potential infection.  

Ask your dentist how many days off you will need, and use this as a perfect excuse to clear your schedule from any heavy lifting and stress.  

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep  

Even the least invasive surgical procedures will put your body through anxiety and stress, so resting before getting your new dental implants is a must. Get at least seven hours of sleep to ensure that your body can better withstand sedation and relax through the process.  

titanium post of dental implants in 76210
  1. Designate Someone to Take You Back Home  

Dentists usually use sedation to aid them through dental implant surgery, which is why you will likely feel dizzy and sleepy afterward. Under no circumstances should you get behind the wheel if you are in that condition, which is why you should ask a friend, partner, or family member to take you home after surgery.  

  1. Prepare Soft Meals Beforehand  

Dental implants will improve your chewing, but they must heal before that happens. Eating soft foods for a few days after surgery will ease the burden on your teeth, so stack up on soup, pureed vegetables, scrambled eggs, and yogurt.  

Since dental implant surgery may also require sedation, ask your dentist if you need to fast for at least eight hours before the medical procedure.  

  1. Take Proper Care of Your Mouth  

Keeping your teeth, mouth, and palate squeaky clean before dental surgery is something dentists in 76210 recommend. Brush every section of your mouth thoroughly with a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss, and use mouthwash for a surgery-ready smile.  

pieces of teeth and dental implants in 76210

Looking to Get Dental Implants in 76210?  

Dental implants are perfect for incomplete smiles that cause trouble chewing and talking. Texas Oral Surgery Group has a team of professional dentists ready to assist you and give you top-quality implants that can restore your confidence.  

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